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Larsen traps are used for catching members of the corvid or crow family (magpies, crows, jays, jackdaws & rooks) & are particularly effective in catching magpies.
The Larsen trap was designed in the 1950s and is now available in many different designs.
The same trap can be used without the decoy section making it a multi-catch trap capable of catching upto four birds at a time.
The important factor with a Larsen or Crow trap is that it uses a live decoy bird.
You MUST provide the decoy bird with food, water, shelter, room to stretch its wings and you MUST inspect the Larsen Trap at least every day.
metal larsen traps

Metal Larsen Traps

round larsen trap

Round Metal Larsen Traps

traditional woodern larsen traps

Traditional Wooden Larsen Traps


ladder crow catcher

Ladder Crow Catcher

ferral cat traps

Live Catch Ferral Cat Traps

fox live catch traps

Live Catch Fox Traps

rabbit live catch traps

Live Catch Rabbit Traps

rat & squirrel live catch traps

Live Catch Rat & Squirrel Traps

mink traps

Mink Traps

Live Catch; Single Entry; Double Entry



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